Friday, September 7, 2012

There is a God crying from within,
exalting a jubilant soul.
Know that I am devoured.
See the end through me
as I am the deliverer,
your angel of flesh.
The festival of your passing
from the halls of this world
lie in the maggots and decay
dancing in my labyrinthine intestines.
I did not kill you my child, but know
your death is still my
reward. Your death is
valuable to me and I
celebrate your fallen
form as a feast for
my body and soul.
We angels descend from
the heavens to feast upon you.
I am devoured in
devouring your stench,
and devoured in devouring
the putrid image that
stagnates in your corpse.
I am an angel of Satan
and a servant of God .
See me dance in the sacred
places of the funeral pyres.
See me bathe in the white
ash of crumbled bones;
ribs turned out from the sparse torso
shin bones remain of supple legs
collar bones remind of the absent
shoulders. I drank from that most
curious bowl that is the broken
skull, former dwelling place of
the frivolous intellect.

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