Friday, September 7, 2012

another poem with a title

Boy, you need to go on and cut your hair. You look so handsome with your hair cut.
Don’t nobody want to see them ugly ass naps in your head.
Your kitchen is all jacked up. Look at all them peas you got cookin’ back there.
Them shits’ll go to poppin’ when that comb get to ‘em.You can’t get no job with your head lookin’ all kinds of ways.
Don’t nobody want a nigga with a nappy head,
I promise you.

I keep tellin’ you to comb your goddamn hair,
but your silly ass don’t listen. Don’t no white man want to give you no job no way.
All you doin is makin’ it easier for him. You givin’ him the perfect excuse to kick your monkey ass to the curb.
Don’t say a nigga never told you nothin’.
You know a nigga speak the truth.

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