Sunday, July 4, 2010

Why this is being made I guess and a hello to whoever happens to read

I want to be a writer. Its that simple. I am not writing this in order to give you something that you can get a hundred times over with the plethora of other blogs that exist. I am not a fan of passing my opinion off as if it were fact. I just want to write and be criticized. I want to be scrutinized and buried by your opinions because I feel that maybe that will make all of these pieces worth crafting. My poems do have value even as they remain hidden in my closed palms, but they would undoubtedly benefit were they granted someone else's acknowledgement. If its crap, tell me its crap without hesitation. If its good, tell me why and how it might become better. If you find that my work doesn't suck to high heaven, tell a friend to give it a read. If you like it so much, and this is the most unlikely of scenarios mind you, tell someone that can help me get this stuff out of my hands and into some form of legitimate competitive publication. That's all I'm saying.