Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Here is a poem I finished writing today for poetry class

To Teach New Love

Into the field, with a circle bound by olive branches,
creeping darkness
from the unseen portion of the moon,
the she-wolf,
the three-faced guard,
the torch of hallowed graves,
power of the earthen words,
the path of stars,
malicious gestures,
and the killing
I beseech you.
Work your insidious arts
in the witching hours.
Force shadow up
from the underworld and send it
adrift with hooked chains
of silver and gold to torment
and ensnare all hearts.
Make them split open in ecstasy
and feed their new gaping mouths and aching lips
viscous morning out of the greatest goblet of the cupbearer,
accented with petals of the Narcissus flower.
Make the world the refuge of N. vengeance,
of the house of N.
The flailing tongue of blazing stars must be
sheathed in the cool waters of the mouth of a lover.
Make the world sing madly of forbidden fruits that fed
deader epochs,
screaming from pages of history.
Make the world all loves,
chanted amongst the hungry ghosts,
jackals of the golden sands,
and winged monstrosities
gracing new heavens,
praising a master also of three.
-Denzel Scott

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