Tuesday, November 9, 2010

For Always Going as Only You Can

I hate the phrases (for always going),
(giving away yellows) because they are
truly in every way a mockery.
(For always going) makes jewels wither.
(giving away yellows) forces children
into exile from simple families
where pride, image, God and righteousness are
plausible reasons for execution
amongst the scoundrels of this ruthless globe.

And even when sames speak and meet without
the rage of others the circle of points
that form the curving line resonate ill.

There is no lack of identity as
the phrases are not lacking in substance.
Let the suicides, nightwalkers, homeless,
Closeted, well-adjusted, loners, nymphos,
Fetish enthusiasts, and radicals
be a testament to wayward notions
as identity. My dilemma with
phrases like (giving away yellows) or
(for always going) is lack of magic
that I used to know as a dreamer of dreams.

It’s not like the world has legitimate
answers for this mythical narcissism.
For every thief and murderer there is
the feather and the scale that will judge the
human heart. But what of this mythical
narcissist and his old heathen secrets?

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